27 November 2010

Retreat Diaries - Day 4

I've been hanging out in the drawing room today. It's newly renovated and smells of paint. I like this room's decor, very relaxing. And the help-yourself cafe is just next door. I've started reading children's books, something very comforting about them sometimes.

Drawing room

In one of the exercises in the Vein of Gold you have to writing down things like "Mary is an amazing artist. Mary is the reviver of 21 century art. , etc." and then writing down the feelings (if any) you get. If you feel shame, anger why is that?

When Jane and I have the chats she said something about drawing a circle. Inside the circle I put the things I'm OK with doing (comfort zone). On the out of the circle I put the things I'm not OK with doing (comfort zone). And then I have to work on putting things on the outside inside. Easier said then done.

Help-yourself cafe

My retreat is coming to an end and already the fears of tomorrow are crippling me. When I came back from evening prayer I asked one of the ladies if they had already booked a cab for me for tomorrow. She said no, but "we can book it tomorrow." Of cause we can! Why was I getting so worked up about it?

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