25 December 2010

23 December 2010

Drawing - Greenface

We need more people with red eyes in this world!

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21 December 2010

Touhou Tuesday

Woohoo. Merry Christmas one and all.

Circle : まさかど☆くらいしすっ!
Artist : Xe
Title: Frandre's Xmas Night

17 December 2010

This Week I'm Kitted With ... Christmas Tree Twigs

Next week it's Christmas day, so lets all pause from our last minute shopping for a minute and admire my hard labor.

Humm, that looks a little painful...

That's better

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16 December 2010

Guidelineless Fun - Sketches

I think I am getting a bit sick of guidelines.

(click for bigger)

14 December 2010

Touhou Tuesday

11 days to go so chill out with this swinging number!

Title: Holy Night's Dong
Arrange: 鯛の小骨
Circle: Azure & Sands
Album: Holy Night's Dong

11 December 2010

This Week I Knitted With ... Ice Cream Sticks

I found this time was quite hard to start off with (I think I CO too tightly, anyway). For the first row I sort of slipped one of the sticks over the other one (see below)

Working on purl garter stitch for some rows helps you get used to knitting with the sticks

09 December 2010

Celebratory Plushie + Drawing

To celebrate me pre-ordering one of the Tako Luka plushies, here's the Octo-girl herself.

(click for bigger)

07 December 2010

Touhou Tuesday

I have to admit that this song is a bit creepy. Doesn't stop it from being beautiful.

Title: 毒入り金平糖の踊り
Artist: Riva
Album: Baroque Stroke~東方クラシックス2~

06 December 2010

Drawing - eye04

Couldn't be bothered to improve the face, so I just coloured in the eyes

04 December 2010

Retreat Diaries - Day 5

Last night I slept so well I thought I was back at home when I woke up.

I didn't do much today. I bought some home-made chutney and second-hand books from the shop, thus spending all of the pocket money for the trip.

second-hand books

Something that came to me over the last few days was repetitiveness. Like Facebook for exarmple. I go on there 20,000 times a day and what do I get from it? Just some up dates I don't care about. Jane talked about doing things around the house, make myself feel useful.

After an afternoon of reading James Harriot in Living room 2, at last I had to leave.

Living room 2

Car journey to the station, 30 minute wait, and standing all the way to Paddington. Everyday life was coming back to me. I was going back to being one of the faceless 7,556,900 of London.

So, what have I learnt over the last few days? Don't ask me.