26 February 2011

This week I knitted with ... Tissues

A few days ago I received an order from J-box and got a free packet of Japanese pocket tissues. Since I have little use of it, I thought I'd knit with them!

But first off I have to roll them up. Sort of like what I did for Knitting with Paper stuff

Don't be like me and use artists masking tape. It'll just keep coming undone.

On to the knitting..

22 February 2011

Touhou Tuesday

Yesterday was my brother's birthday so to celebrate here's his favorite theme 8bit style.

made by jt-dirge

17 February 2011

What Sleazy Sees ...

... When she looks up from her computer.

(click for closer inspection)

15 February 2011

Touhou Tuesday

Yuyuko has always been one of my favorite characters so it's fitting that I find an awesome arrangement.

Circle : 豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)
Artist : パプリカ
Piano : パプリカ
Album : 東方猫鍵盤
Title : アンニュイちょうちょ

12 February 2011

This Week I Knitted With ... matchsticks

Casting on was simple enough. If you're using the 5.5cm long needles then CO no more then 6 stitches.

I only knitted 3 rows; I was scared I'd get a splinter

08 February 2011

Touhou Tuesday

A song to remind us that spring is less then a month away.

Title: 血で繋がったドッペルゲンガー
Artist: 鯛の小骨 (Tainokobone)
Circle: Azure&Sands
Album: 八雲紫の多世界解釈

03 February 2011

Pre-Con Thoughts

This weekend my life shall change.

I am going to the London Anime Con. A two day event for the Otaku in all of us. 800 people from all over the country will come down (or, in my case, up) to London to take part in gaming tournaments, listen to panels, watch anime, etc. And I am actually looking forward to it!

When I pre-ordered my tickets I thought "This'll be a laugh.", thinking February is ages away. Next thing I know it's the beginning of of said month, less then a week to go. Panic, panic. Now I'm feeling more chilled out about it, though the weather could look a bit better.

Of cause, I shall be going in cosplay. For the Saturday, anyway. The Sunday I can't really explain. It's sort of Steampunk meets god-knows-what thing, sort of.

One thing that is getting me all worked up is the wig for Saturday. I have never worn a wig outdoors before. I keep thinking it's going to fly away. I've seen too much slapstick.

PS, oh yes, there will be pictures!

01 February 2011

Touhou Tuesday

Touhou D&B. I approve of this.

[Title] - Necrofantasia
[Author/Circle] - Bizen / DDBY
[Album] - Touhou Synthesis 5