29 January 2011

This Week I Knitted With ... Paper

Knitting with paper may seem a little impossible, so I'm going to roll the paper up.

Get a corner, and roll it up with a pen. (though here I'm using a knitting needle)

next up, stick it together with tape.

and you're done

On with the knitting!

To start with the hole from the roll-up was useful to get into the stitches, but after the first row it was starting to get blunt.

27 January 2011

Sleazy Cooks - Pasta'n'Cheese'n'Chicken bake (Style One)

Hello. Thought I'd start teaching the internet to cook. So here's what you'll need:

that says Pasta/250g by the way

one tip - make sure the Poultry has not bones.

To Start us off!
Boil some water in a pan (bigger the better. I'm useing the smallest I'd recommend). Add the pasta

While that's cooking away, turn the oven on to 200°c

Once the pasta are cooked, drain and set aside.

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25 January 2011

Touhou Tuesday

I think it's good that I'm posting Classical stuff.

First Song: the Day of collapse
Second Song (from 4:47): 環状七号線 ~Cosmic Line
Artist: パポス
Circle: Sound.AVE
Album: Lotus~ロータス~

18 January 2011

Touhou Tuesday

now this is just funky.

Group: Innocent Key
Disc: 東方楼蘭 - Touhou Rouran
Track: Take to Lips
Vocal: ℃iel 大瀬良あい しゃばだばと愉快な仲間たち

16 January 2011

This Week I Knitted With ... AA Batteries

This was such a pain. I thought of giving up half way. I kept thinking I was going to drop the batteries. They have a weird weight to them.

Next time I wont knit with black thread, you can't see anything!

14 January 2011

Drawing - bumper sketches editon

First off: Sorry for not posting, much. To start with there was Christmas, where no one has time for anything, except for eating. And then I got fluy coldness: bed at 9:00pm on the last day of the year, etc. So here's loads of sketches I did then I had 5 seconds.

11 January 2011

Touhou Tuesday

It has come to my attention that I haven't posted a rock song (sorry, I just don't listen to that genre alot, ok?) so here you go.

Circle: 東京アクティブNEETs
Album: Next Flower ~prism Mix~
Artist: MAXつかさ|[TEST]|地味侍|紅い流星

04 January 2011

Touhou Tuesday

Happy New Year! Now go out and welcome the new year with ... I don't know....

Here's you're first TT of the year. Enjoy.

Title: 温泉と酒で気分は祭よ (Feels Festive with Hot Springs and Alcohol)
Artist: まさみティー
Circle: O-Life
Album: 東方温泉祭