24 May 2011

Touhou Tuesday

only bad thing about this is that I have to press REPLAY again every 5.57min
- Commenter on this track.

[Title] - 竹取飛翔 ~ Lunatic Princess
[Author/Circle] - ARATO / rythmique
[Album] - Syncopation Shot #01
[Event/Date] - Comiket 78 (Aug 14, 2010)

Touhou Tuesday

Piano waltz. For 2:34 minutes I am in heaven.

Title: 悲しき人形 ~Waltz of Misery
Artist: M8
Circle: 神像彫刻家
Album: 夢幻戯曲抄 ~If.. you hope~

17 May 2011

Touhou Tuesday

A little different from what I usually post.

Arrangement: fanfan. (Kimi no Museum) / Vocals: fi-fy (Kimi no Museum) / Lyrics: Satoshi Kuroiwa (Kimi no Museum)
Doujin Circle: Diverse System
Album: thE2

10 May 2011

Touhou Tuesday

Summer's not too far now.

Title: 幻想郷夜会 (Gensokyo Evening)
Circle: Floating Cloud
Artist: 天津飯小池 (Koike Tenshinhan)
Album: Flower Village

07 May 2011

03 May 2011

Touhou Tuesday

Lately I've been getting a bit mad about piano arranges. Might make a Touhou Tuesday piano special.

Piano Arrange on コイイロ, the first track from the album コイヤミツキ by 銀針×向日葵畑 .

30 April 2011


Fiddled with the setting on the scanner and now everything looks sharper.



26 April 2011

Touhou Tuesday

Touhou Gregorian Chant. This was why the internet was made.

Circle: 幻想郷グリークラブ
Album: 少女が見た日本の秋の原風景

19 April 2011

Touhou Tuesday

Such a sweet song . Perfect for a mid season day.

Title: 天衣無縫
Album: 東方阿漕宴
Artists: 町田直哉
Circle: Forest306

12 April 2011

Touhou Tuesday

An arrangement of the song that introduced me to Touhou. It's also pretty cool. Coincidence.

05 April 2011

Touhou Tuesday

Doesn't it suck when you have a really cool arrangement but it isn't on youtube, so you have to upload the MP3 to soundcloud

Track: AM 2:00
Artist: 柏木るざりん

29 March 2011

Touhou Tuesday

Beautiful one for you today. I would love to see this one played live.... A girl can dream...

Track: 今日はハレの日
Album: 東京アクティブNEETs - Next Flower ~prism Mix~

26 March 2011

This Week I Knitted with ... Clothes Pegs

Spring is here so that means hanging clothes outside. Also means knitting with clothes pegs!

22 March 2011

Touhou Tuesday

I've been meaning to post this song for ages, but I always find one just a little better. Anyway, chill ~

[Title] - after
[Author/Circle] - ziki_7 / Azure&Sands
[Album] - holy night's Dong
[Event/Date] - Comiket 75 (Dec 29, 2008)
[Original] - The Bridge People No Longer Cross ~ Stage 2 Theme
[Game] - Touhou 11: Subterranean Animism

15 March 2011

Touhou Tuesday

I dear say that it is impossible to listen to this song and not dance a little.

Arrangement: Shibayan (ShibayanRecords) / Vocals: 3L (NJK Record) / Lyrics: Sayaka Yamazaki
Doujin Circle: Syrufit / http://syrufit.jp/
Album: Where is Love / SSC0003 / 2010-08-14 (Comiket 78

12 March 2011

This Week I Knitted With ... Wine Bottles

New awesome party trick! Not. This is something I wouldn't do for a party trick, especially if there is alcohol involved. The first row or two you think you're going to drop the bottles.

Free cat!

08 March 2011

Touhou Tuesday

Oh, wow. I think I've stumbled upon a bit of heaven. I think everyone should listen to this arrangement for the sake of there sanity.

Artist: Morrigan
Circle: WAVE
Album: Symphonic Rhapsody "Peony" -交響狂詩篇 冬牡丹-
Original: 永夜の報い ~ Imperishable Night (Retribution for the Eternal Night ~ Imperishable Night) & エクステンドアッシュ ~ 蓬莱人 (Extend Ash ~ Hourai Victim)

03 March 2011

Sleazy's Photoshop Fun!

It's Wednesday evening and I need something to put on here for tomorrow so here's some forum signatures.
Click the thumbnails to take a closer look

01 March 2011

Touhou Tuesday

TWO IN ONE! Because I love you. And they're epic to boot.

First Track:

Title: 青空の影
Artist/Circle: Dark PHOENiX
Album: Shotshell II
Original: 青空の影 (A Shadow in the Blue Sky)

Second Track (from 1:55):

Title: ナズーリンでメタルっぽい何か
Artist: まさみティー/田所壮海 (a variation of MasamiT, still him we're talking about here)
Circle: O-LIFE.JP
Album: 異臭幻想狂
Original: 春の湊に (At the End of Spring) & 小さな小さな賢将 (A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander)

26 February 2011

This week I knitted with ... Tissues

A few days ago I received an order from J-box and got a free packet of Japanese pocket tissues. Since I have little use of it, I thought I'd knit with them!

But first off I have to roll them up. Sort of like what I did for Knitting with Paper stuff

Don't be like me and use artists masking tape. It'll just keep coming undone.

On to the knitting..