01 March 2011

Touhou Tuesday

TWO IN ONE! Because I love you. And they're epic to boot.

First Track:

Title: 青空の影
Artist/Circle: Dark PHOENiX
Album: Shotshell II
Original: 青空の影 (A Shadow in the Blue Sky)

Second Track (from 1:55):

Title: ナズーリンでメタルっぽい何か
Artist: まさみティー/田所壮海 (a variation of MasamiT, still him we're talking about here)
Circle: O-LIFE.JP
Album: 異臭幻想狂
Original: 春の湊に (At the End of Spring) & 小さな小さな賢将 (A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander)

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