30 November 2010

Touhou Tuesday

Last weekend was the first of advent so that can only mean one thing... Christmas Touhou!

Artist: [UNKNOWN]

27 November 2010

Retreat Diaries - Day 4

I've been hanging out in the drawing room today. It's newly renovated and smells of paint. I like this room's decor, very relaxing. And the help-yourself cafe is just next door. I've started reading children's books, something very comforting about them sometimes.

Drawing room

In one of the exercises in the Vein of Gold you have to writing down things like "Mary is an amazing artist. Mary is the reviver of 21 century art. , etc." and then writing down the feelings (if any) you get. If you feel shame, anger why is that?

When Jane and I have the chats she said something about drawing a circle. Inside the circle I put the things I'm OK with doing (comfort zone). On the out of the circle I put the things I'm not OK with doing (comfort zone). And then I have to work on putting things on the outside inside. Easier said then done.

Help-yourself cafe

My retreat is coming to an end and already the fears of tomorrow are crippling me. When I came back from evening prayer I asked one of the ladies if they had already booked a cab for me for tomorrow. She said no, but "we can book it tomorrow." Of cause we can! Why was I getting so worked up about it?

25 November 2010

This week I knitted with... Pens

You know the feeling. You're on a 6 hour plane journey and, for security reasons, you got your needles confiscated. You feel your hands itching to make something. You think that you are going to pass out if you don't do something soon.


Another new thing I thought up. (at the retreat no less) Every week (or so) I use object you wouldn't think to use for knitting.

This time it's pens.

It's quite fun, but you will get your hands messy. Make sure that you are using those BIC cheapo pens, they don't dry after not having there cap on.

Try not to CO too many stitches or they might fall off.

23 November 2010

Touhou Tuesday

Hi again - now for something else. Think Beethoven meets Sakuya's theme and your there. A wall of text can't describe it, so I'm going to shut up now.

Circle : Seaside
Artist : SHI (Seaside)
Album : the Wind - Touhou PianoSolo Arrange Project (2010.10.11)
Title : Chained Time

21 November 2010

Drawing - Molly

And colour!

And here it is in it's finished glory. (click it for bigger)

19 November 2010

Retreat Diaries - Day 3

My favourite room is Living Room 2. It has everything I need: sofas that eat you with cuddles, a clear view of the where the sheep roam, heating and, of cause, books. Every time I enter this room I smile because it is so warm. I bring my knitting here and I'm at that for hours.


Today I went for a walk to the closest village. Didn't take me very long. walked past at lest 3 mad dogs. Jane said that there is a little stream in the village. Didn't find it. But there is a little post office. Didn't see a co-op so I wonder how the old folk who can't drive eat?

out and about

In The Vein of Gold it says that I have to write Morning Pages: write whatever comes to mind the second I get up on 3 A4 pages. It quite hard, but when I feel I have nothing to write I write just that in till something, anything, comes to me.

This was the only day out of all the days I went where it didn't rain.

17 November 2010

Drawing - Molly

Another day, another catgirl. This time I've uploaded it to Youtube so people can see what I do. I'll do the colouring in some other time.

Hope it loads for you, otherwise clicky

16 November 2010

Touhou Tuesday

Ok, I promise that not all the remixes I share with you will be under the Jazz genre. But this number is so mellow how could I resist?

[Title] - Graceful Mid-night
[Author/Circle] - Swing Holic Band / SWING HOLIC
[Album] - SWING HOLIC VOL.03
[Event] - Comiket 75

15 November 2010

Retreat Diary - Day 2

I wake up to the sound of life stock. Every time the cows moo I think my phone is vibrating from within my bag, even though I can't get reception out here. You get used to it.

After breakfast me and Jane, the lady who met me at the station, had a chat. We talked for about 20 minutes. I don't remember much about it, but it was good to chat.

She gave me two books to read over the next few days: "The Vein of Gold" by Julia Cameron (she was going to give me "The Artist's Way" but someone else was borrowing it) and "The Work We Were Born to Do" by Nick Williams. They were both pretty fat books so I didn't see myself finishing them in time. The V of G is a very interesting book.

Because there is only me and another guy as retreaters this week they didn't heat all the rooms. Living room 2, Drawing room and the TV room* are snug. While the Hallway, Living room 1 and the chapel are pretty freezing. It's weird going from LR2 to the Kitchen because you have to go through all the coldness.

At the shop they sell home-made chutneys and jams, jewellery, pots and books.

If there is one thing I can say about this place it's the massive amount of books. I cannot express just how many books there is at Mill House. It should be called a reading retreat.

*and yes, TV room wasn't a typo, there really is a telly at the retreat. Don't ask.

13 November 2010

Retreat Diary - Day 1

Day 1

I openly admit to crying as I made my way along platform 4 to get the 13:06. Some minutes before I kept getting these "doubt fits" where for some seconds I think "What am I doing? Am I going crazy? I can't go on this retreat. I just can't!"

The train journey was forgettable. Mid week emptiness; the old folk and housewives with pre-schoolers. I read the magazine I had bought at Paddington in till Reading. Spent the rest of the journey in worry: mostly about having to use the phone when I got there.

But in the end I didn't even have to use the phone. When I arrived at Tiverton Parkway (not Tiverton mind, that's still 7 miles away) I phoned the retreat only to be told that that some people were waiting for me in the car park. I saw a woman searching in the crowds.

I came up to her and asked, "Mill House?" She replied a positive and we introduced ourselves.

After a 5 minute car journey down Devonshire lanes I had at last arrived.

11 November 2010

Drawing - Judy

I think posting my drawings will be a big part of this blog, so you've been warned!

Here's a picture I made (and dated) of Judy, my cat. Well, not of Judy. I just started drawing and then my elder comes along and says it looks like the cat.
So with that with that I gave the girl cat ears and a tail, and what'd you know!

09 November 2010

Touhou Tuesday

A new thing I thought of doing. Go into the belly of the world of youtube and come back with half decent Touhou remixes.

To start us off, some up beat Jazz from our favorite baka ⑨ fairy.

Title: \あたい/シャッフル!
Artist: RD-Sounds
Circle: t=NODE
Album: 四季 冬 remind of snow

05 November 2010

Pre Retreatal Thoughts

From the 8th to the 12th of this month I will be going to a place called Mill House for a retreat. Why? I don't really know, and to be honest— I think I'm crazy.
I can tell you how I am going. My darling father asked on my birthday if that would be something I'd like. Not really thinking of the consequences, I said yes.
Now, in a few days time I'm going to be taking a train to the other side of England.

On my own.

I can just about summon the courage to go to the shops on my own, nevermind Devon.
Like I said, crazy!

I think in a week from now the world will be a different place.