19 November 2010

Retreat Diaries - Day 3

My favourite room is Living Room 2. It has everything I need: sofas that eat you with cuddles, a clear view of the where the sheep roam, heating and, of cause, books. Every time I enter this room I smile because it is so warm. I bring my knitting here and I'm at that for hours.


Today I went for a walk to the closest village. Didn't take me very long. walked past at lest 3 mad dogs. Jane said that there is a little stream in the village. Didn't find it. But there is a little post office. Didn't see a co-op so I wonder how the old folk who can't drive eat?

out and about

In The Vein of Gold it says that I have to write Morning Pages: write whatever comes to mind the second I get up on 3 A4 pages. It quite hard, but when I feel I have nothing to write I write just that in till something, anything, comes to me.

This was the only day out of all the days I went where it didn't rain.

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