13 November 2010

Retreat Diary - Day 1

Day 1

I openly admit to crying as I made my way along platform 4 to get the 13:06. Some minutes before I kept getting these "doubt fits" where for some seconds I think "What am I doing? Am I going crazy? I can't go on this retreat. I just can't!"

The train journey was forgettable. Mid week emptiness; the old folk and housewives with pre-schoolers. I read the magazine I had bought at Paddington in till Reading. Spent the rest of the journey in worry: mostly about having to use the phone when I got there.

But in the end I didn't even have to use the phone. When I arrived at Tiverton Parkway (not Tiverton mind, that's still 7 miles away) I phoned the retreat only to be told that that some people were waiting for me in the car park. I saw a woman searching in the crowds.

I came up to her and asked, "Mill House?" She replied a positive and we introduced ourselves.

After a 5 minute car journey down Devonshire lanes I had at last arrived.

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