04 December 2010

Retreat Diaries - Day 5

Last night I slept so well I thought I was back at home when I woke up.

I didn't do much today. I bought some home-made chutney and second-hand books from the shop, thus spending all of the pocket money for the trip.

second-hand books

Something that came to me over the last few days was repetitiveness. Like Facebook for exarmple. I go on there 20,000 times a day and what do I get from it? Just some up dates I don't care about. Jane talked about doing things around the house, make myself feel useful.

After an afternoon of reading James Harriot in Living room 2, at last I had to leave.

Living room 2

Car journey to the station, 30 minute wait, and standing all the way to Paddington. Everyday life was coming back to me. I was going back to being one of the faceless 7,556,900 of London.

So, what have I learnt over the last few days? Don't ask me.

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