27 January 2011

Sleazy Cooks - Pasta'n'Cheese'n'Chicken bake (Style One)

Hello. Thought I'd start teaching the internet to cook. So here's what you'll need:

that says Pasta/250g by the way

one tip - make sure the Poultry has not bones.

To Start us off!
Boil some water in a pan (bigger the better. I'm useing the smallest I'd recommend). Add the pasta

While that's cooking away, turn the oven on to 200°c

Once the pasta are cooked, drain and set aside.

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Get the pot you used for the pasta and put it on the hob again. Put the heat on medium. Add Butter

Let it melt.

Add Flour. Turn the heat down.

Mix in till it's all mini-lumps.

Add Milk

Add Stock Cube.

Mix that **** up for about 5 minutes. Make sure none of the butter/flour mixture sticks at the bottom

Add Poultry. Turn the heat up a little

Mix for another 5 minutes. It should start thickening now. (if not, turn the heat up more)

Turn the heat off. Add Cheese.

Mix in till well coated

Add Pasta

Mix that up

Put mixture in an oiled pan

To the oven!

Keep it in there for 20 minutes
Here it is! (looks orange because of the cheese)



  1. Looks great.
    Was that gluten-free flour and pasta ?

  2. gluten-free everything!!

    Should work just as well with glutenly foods.